Dragon Brow

Posted: April 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

One of the feature stories from our fantasy anthology, Dragons and Dreams, starring… me, and a cast of WPaD writers!

Sleeping Under Runways

Chapter 1

Let’s face it…the guy was old; old and basically a wreck.  He was still 6’6”, but he had ballooned up to 280 pounds…most of it belly.  He walked with a cane, had hearing aids in both ears, thick lenses on both eyes, totally white hair, a VERY weak bladder, and, like a lot of old people, he farted a lot.  He was arthritic; he was diabetic.  And the old short term memory was pretty much shot.  BUT…he had a superpower; a superpower that very few people knew about.

Used to be, a lot of people had superpowers…but they had all pretty much died off (mostly from old age) by now.  But Dave was still around and he still had his superpower…ridiculous as it was.  You see, Dave could control dragons…with his eyebrows, and big, bushy things they were, too.  Now this, of course could only be used if…

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