Blog Hop Winners ~ Final Draws

Posted: June 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

 Well, it’s been a fun four days and I’ve given away a lot of ebooks. Here are my ebook winners for Day 4:Image

*Prize: Dysfictional by Mandy White


LA Graham

Ann Waters

*Prize: The Feeder by Mandy White

Nancy Wolfe

Diana Johnson


*Prize: Creepies by WPaD

Bobbi Kinion

*Prize: THE – A Horror Satire by Nathan Tackett

Ann Waters


*Prize: First two books of MER, the mermaid fantasy series by Jade M. Phillips

Kai W

*Prize: Darkness Follows by Emerald O’Brien

Sherry Malone

*Prize: Skin of Giants by Mike Cooley

Alan Nayes

*Prize: Dragons and Dreams by WPaD

Vicky A. Dine


Tara Woods

*Prize: Passion’s Prisms by WPaD

Gina Hester

Sonya Keith


Phyllis Lamken

Melanie Pollnow McClure

*Prize: Red Hot Shorts by Camille Towe

Lourie Staib




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