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Short Story Sunday: Slut

Posted: August 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

‘Slut’ is a word that gets thoughtlessly thrown around far too much, in my opinion.

Vampire Maman

College is starting soon. One of the big things everyone is talking about is sexual assault on campus or in college towns. I’ve talked about it with my two kids who are in college. Everyone has, at least everyone who is a decent parent.

So I get this call from Hodge Williams. Yes, that Hodges Williams. Everyone remembers him.

“Bart, how are you?” As soon as he spoke I wondered what he wanted.

“Hodge. Fine. Great. Life is good. What’s up?”

“I’m writing a story on the history of sexual harassment and violence at universities in the US. I tried to contact your sister but she wouldn’t return my calls.”


“Yes, Beth. She kind of got around so I was thinking she might have experienced first hand, you know, she was at risk.”

“What do you mean by at risk?”

“Oh come on, your sister was a slut. Everyone…

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Goin’ Extinct

Posted: August 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

It’s been a busy summer for me. The biggest event would have to be the July publication of WPaD’s latest charity anthology, an apocalyptic collection entitled ‘Goin’ Extinct: Tales From the Edge of Oblivion’.

Everybody worked hard on that one. The writers came up with some brilliant stories and poetry and I had the pleasure of collaborating on the cover with a very talented artist, Jason Kemp.

Incidentally, the anthology is on sale for 99 cents on all platforms until the end of August. Grab a cheap copy if you haven’t already done so. The paperback edition is also now available.

dysfictional 2 front

In August, I managed to fire off another publication without much warning to readers:

Dysfictional 2: Shreds of Sanity is now live on all platforms. It’s another collection of my short stories. Some were previously published in WPaD anthologies and some are brand-new stories I’ve written this year.

The ebook is live on all platforms and the paperback is also available. Check my website for upcoming promotions.

Vampire Maman

From my good friend The Masked Mujer:

Goin’ Extinct: Tales From the Edge of Oblivion

A group of writers, poets, and deviants joined together to bring to you some amazing post-apocalypse poetry and short stories. The stories are exciting, creative and imaginative. I’m very proud to be included with these great authors and creators of worlds. I write my short stories under my real name, Diana Garcia.

Enjoying reading about how the world ends. Here are some funny memes fellow author of, “Skeet Beechams’s Confessions from the End of the World,” (in anthology) and dear friend, J. Harrison Kemp, made which really cracked me up: As usual, this charity anthology benefits MS charities. Please help by buying these anthologies. Your support is greatly appreciated! ENJOY!Click Image below for Amazon Kindle LinkFor paperback:***


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David Gaughran: Self-Publishers Aren’t Killing The Industry, They’re Saving It

David Gaughran

In light of current events, I thought it would be good to re-run Ed Robertson’s excellent guest post from November 2012 where he highlighted interesting parallels between historical paperback pricing (pre-industry consolidation) and self-published e-books.

It’s unlikely I’ll have time this weekend to respond to emails, or tweets, or jump in the comments, as I’ll be busy editing, but this should give you something to chew on.

I’m sending the 2nd edition of Let’s Get Digital to the editor tomorrow, and I’ll be blogging about that Monday or Tuesday.

Oh, and the Spanish translation of Digital has just been released. You can grab it for freetoday only. More at the bottom of Ed’s post:

Self-Publishers Aren’t Killing The Industry, They’re Saving It

I’m a self-publisher. An indie author. Whatever you want to call me. I’ve read many articles about how self-publishers are killing the book industry. I’ve heard…

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Short Story Sunday: The Bully

Posted: August 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

I often wondered what happened to some of the people who mercilessly bullied me in high school. Thanks to Facebook, I know about a lot of them. Some are still bullies, having taken their bullying skills into the adult workplace. Some are thugs and losers. Most are ordinary people, parents who have had to deal with the reality of school bullying through the eyes of their children. Some are remorseful for their shameful behavior and are now my Facebook friends. The internet is a magical thing…

Vampire Maman

The Bully

Sunday mornings on the deck with coffee, a cat purring in my lap, a dog at my feet and my beautiful family still asleep upstairs equals something good. It is all good.

Of course it wasn’t always that way. I think of my kids. I’ve done a lot to make sure they’re strong and secure. I make sure they’re not open to con artists and bullies. I made sure that they learned to stand up for the weak and those who are different.

So why am I musing on such lofty parenting goals? It is because their witty, confident, successful and good looking dad was once the kid who went to school in fear each day because of bullies. Nobody thought anything of bullies back then, when I was a kid. It was part of the school culture. But you know, even as a kid I knew it…

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