Goin’ Extinct

Posted: August 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

It’s been a busy summer for me. The biggest event would have to be the July publication of WPaD’s latest charity anthology, an apocalyptic collection entitled ‘Goin’ Extinct: Tales From the Edge of Oblivion’.

Everybody worked hard on that one. The writers came up with some brilliant stories and poetry and I had the pleasure of collaborating on the cover with a very talented artist, Jason Kemp.

Incidentally, the anthology is on sale for 99 cents on all platforms until the end of August. Grab a cheap copy if you haven’t already done so. The paperback edition is also now available.

dysfictional 2 front

In August, I managed to fire off another publication without much warning to readers:

Dysfictional 2: Shreds of Sanity is now live on all platforms. It’s another collection of my short stories. Some were previously published in WPaD anthologies and some are brand-new stories I’ve written this year.

The ebook is live on all platforms and the paperback is also available. Check my website for upcoming promotions.


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