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Short Story Sunday: Checkmate

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A scary little story to get us in the Halloween mood! By my talented friend, WPaD writer David W Stone.

Vampire Maman

Today I’m treating my readers to a fun creepy bit of fiction from my friend and fellow WPaD author Dave Stone.  I’m so excited! Thank you Dave for sharing this bit of fright.


A story from Dave Stone
Nathan Kemp opened the dusty door of the dusty little pawn shop, causing a dusty bell to tinkle dustily through the drifting dust. He stepped in and closed the door behind him, looking around as he did so. Light filtered dimly through the coat of dust on the small windows, casting a yellowish petina over display cases and odd bits of junk in the shop. The sound of the bell caused a bit of movement in the back room, and soon a curtain covering the door to the back fluttered and the proprietor came out. He was tall, he was athletic, he was blond…and he was pasty. He looked like he…

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Published in the WPaD anthology ~ Creepies: Twisted Tales From Beneath the Bed

On sale for 99 cents through the month of October!


~ By Mandy White ~ creepiescover2

Something lurks beneath the bed

They say it’s all inside my head

But they haven’t seen its icy stare

Or felt its hot breath on their hair

The mirror reflects two sinister eyes

If I stare long enough they grow in size

If my breathing takes a pause

I hear the clitter-scratch of razor claws

I set my slippers on the floor

Ready to bolt toward the door

Suddenly the tile’s quicksand

My leg feels the scrape of a bony hand

I wake – a scream rips from my throat

My bed’s an island, my room a moat

In the inky depths it swims below

Waiting to gnaw on foot or toe

The door swings wide – the light could blind

I struggle against the straps that bind

Me tightly to this bed each night

To stop me from my panicked flight

Just another night in the loony bin

That’s what they call this place I’m in

The only way I’ll ever be free

Is to make peace with the beast in me

Copyright © 2012 Mandy White

Published in the WPaD anthology ~ Creepies: Twisted Tales From Beneath the Bed

On sale for 99 cents through the month of October!

Bif Naked is one of my favorite Canadian artists. She is one of those rare gems who maintains her humanity in spite of celebrity status. She is an outspoken advocate against animal cruelty and poverty. She has taken the Raise the Rates challenge to live on $3 a day.

For those who don’t know, the last time British Columbia raised welfare rates was about ten years ago, when they “generously” increased the shelter allowance by $40. Since then, the cost of living has increased exponentially, leaving thousands homeless. These are people that would previously have been able to afford housing, but unlike the minimum wage, the rates of welfare and disability have not increased to accommodate the rising cost of living.

In the city of Vancouver, one of the most expensive cities in the world, it is virtually impossible to find a rental within the amount given by a welfare cheque, and if you do fine one, it is usually a room in a cockroach-infested hotel or rooming house. The tent city that sprang up in Oppenheimer Park was a more viable option for some. Face it, not everyone wants to rub shoulders with cockroaches and junkies, even if they are living in poverty.

I challenge Premier Christy Clark to take the Raise the Rates challenge! Tell you what, Princess Christy, if you can successfully pull off the challenge I will stop my bitching. But we all know you don’t have the balls. You wouldn’t last a day.

Getting ready for National Novel Writing Month. November seems to sneak up on me every year. I’m pantsing it, as usual.

Kristen Lamb's Blog

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NaNoWriMo. There are a lot of opinions floating around about NaNo and I can’t tell you guys what to do. Wait, I do that all the time. Hmmm. Okay, I can’t MAKE you try NaNo, but I am the friend who will gently and lovingly shove you off a cliff because it’s good for you.

WHAT!!??? You SAID you wanted to go BASE jumping be a professional author.

In my 20s, I lived life like a Mountain Dew commercial. You name X Dumb Thing? Sign me up! One of my favorite suicidal activities was skydiving. If I was having a really bad time, nothing to perk me up like free falling from 15,000 feet. But I’m a natural idiot adventurer.

My little brother? Was probably the more cautious/sane one, but I could tell from this spark in his eyes that he’d one day like to just go for it and…

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All Hallows Eve

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Vampire Maman

On a crisp October night,

Eve, a girl of singular beauty and spirit,

refused as the 5th daughter to marry

a man

not of her choice.

It was a good match,

for someone else,

but not for her.

The thought of living under his roof,

be it in luxury,

made her think that she was

nor more than property

or a child

or something other than herself.

The idea of him touching her

or going dying in childbirth

like her sister

made her ill.

All Hallows Eve All Hollows Eve


So lovely Eve, the dark eyed girl with the musical laugh, walked out into the night to the old church yard. There she met the nephew of her neighbor, a young man with golden hair and happy blue eyes. He dried her tears with a rose scented handkerchief and told her that her fate was hers.

Eve said she would marry him…

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