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The dreaded holiday gathering…one of the things that fuels my social anxiety.

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Today, we have a holiday treat. My friend Liz Crowe (A.K.A. The Beer Wench) is here to help us make it through the holidays with our egos in tact. Liz is cool…like that zany cousin who let you watch Jaws when you were 5 and scarred you for life but then also taught you the proper was to  apply eyeliner (more always better), how to make a temporary tattoo last…and look real enough to freak out your parents.

She’s the friend who will dare then double dare you and might get you in trouble but who will also give you the best memories and help you learn to love you for YOU and feel good about telling haters to get bent.

Take it away, LIZ!


We’ve all been there. The highly anticipated dreaded Holiday Office Party. Or—even better—the Holiday Family Gathering.

We love ‘em. We hate ‘em. Kinda like…

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Some great perspective on gratitude. What are you thankful for?

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Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 7.37.14 AM PLEEEEAAASE. Just ONE enchilada. I will love you FOREVER!

One thing I’ve learned is that happiness is a fleeting shadow. Contentment and gratitude are all that last. When circumstances dictate how we feel? Just accept that life is going to feel as if we are strapped to Hell’s Tilt-A-Whirl.

Because cats will never puke on tile instead of carpet, cars break, sinks leak, pipes bust, bills come, illness happens, kids act up, family WILL make us nuts, work will suck, some people will NEVER learn not to CC ALL in an e-mail, and the news will always be filled with the worst examples of “humanity.” EVERY network will spew doom, gloom, division, hate and hopelessness.

On the other side of that?

We also live in a society that tells us everything should be a highlight reel, that everyone ELSE is living a highlight reel, when truth is? That’s a…

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A Holiday Freebie!

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Let’s kick off the holiday season with a freebie! WPaD’s holiday anthology, Tinsel Tales is a FREE Kindle download today!


Experience the holidays through our eyes… 

the magic, the memories, some warm and some bittersweet… 

in this treasury of holiday-themed stories and poetry

from the writers of WPaD.

Dear Parent Who Isn’t There

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Vampire Maman

Teens need their dads

Dear Parent Who Isn’t There,

This is to both mothers and fathers. You know who you are.

Some of you left your current spouse to marry someone who doesn’t like your kid by the first marriage. You have new kids who are more important. You don’t care if you blow off important events with your first kids. They’re older now anyway so you don’t care. You’re basically selfish and immature so you don’t care.

Some of you never married the mother/father of your child so that child doesn’t really matter to you. You didn’t ask to be a parent. It was an accident. Oh give me a break. You had sex, you made a child, grow up and deal with it.

Some of you are just shit heads who can’t take responsibility. Your “freedom” is more important than your own children. By “freedom” we all know that means a girlfriend/boyfriend…

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Phobia: New Release!

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November has been a busy month for me, what with NaNoWriMo, working on my mustache, enjoying a stretch of chilly but gorgeous weather and getting ready for winter. In the midst of it all, I managed to finish off my 2012 NaNo project and hit the Publish button today. Without further ado, I give you Phobia:


A phobia-riddled woman is trapped inside the sanctuary of her home. Fear of the outside world prevents her from leaving, even when terrifying and unexplained events inside the house make her want to flee. The Internet is Dana’s only link to the world outside her home. She finds herself attracted to an online friend who helps her hold onto her sanity, but can’t find the courage to venture beyond her front door to meet him.

Now available on Amazon, iTunesKobo Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. 

Paperback edition coming soon!

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Pirate Code=Writing Rules. Clearer now? :) Pirate Code=Writing Rules. Clearer now? 🙂

The mark of a great storyteller is they make our job look easy. The story flows, pulls us in, and appears seamless. Many of us decided to become writers because we grew up loving books. Because good storytellers are masters of what they do, we can easily fall into a misguided notion that “writing is easy.” Granted there are a rare few exceptions, but most of us will go through three acts (stages) in this career if we stick it through.

Act One—The Neophyte

This is when we are brand new. We’ve never read a craft book and the words flow. We never run out of words to put on a page because we are like a kid banging away on a piano having fun and making up “music.” We aren’t held back or hindered by any structure or rules and we have amazing…

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