We all encounter trolls at some point in our lives. Some sage advice on how to deal with them.



We all know what trolls are. They’re those green ugly creatures that lurk beneath bridges and demand your first born child in exchange for safe passage. Or maybe we think of them as naked little dolls with cotton-candy hair that people used to stick on their car dashes back in the eighties. Right?

Well, technically yes. But today we’re discussing an entirely different beast altogether: The Internet troll.

Internet trolls are a certain breed of human whose main goal is to disrupt the harmonious flow of the interwebs with their nasty and inflammatory words. There are many different types of trolls, and they don’t necessarily have to be on the Internet to qualify as such. A troll can lurk in your personal life as well. Heck, a troll could be a friend or a family member even, but we’ll get to that in a bit. For now, let’s focus on…

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The Jealousy Game is a free ebook available for download from all major online book distributors:
Barnes and Noble

Unfortunately, I can’t offer the paperback edition for free due to the cost of printing, but I did my best to keep the price as low as possible. The paperback is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

I am happy to send a free ebook copy in any format via email if, for some reason you are unable to download from any of the vendors listed above. Just email me and ask, and it’s yours. mandywrite@hotmail.com

I’m offering the book for free to get it into the hands of as many readers as possible, especially the younger generation who has yet to experience the things some of us ‘older’ women have. Please share it as much as possible. You have my permission to download it and give it away to as many people as you like, on one condition: Do not sell it. This book must remain free.

If you feel this book is worth it, you may send a donation to the author to help me widen the distribution of the paperback edition. My goal is to get it into as many libraries as possible, both public and school. I am also donating copies to various women’s organizations where they can be made available to victims of violence. The easiest way to donate is via Paypal, to: mandywrite@hotmail.com

Is your boyfriend or husband unreasonably jealous? 
Define unreasonable.
Is he intrusive, accusatory and controlling?
~ Constantly accusing you of infidelity, no matter how hard you try to prove your loyalty to him… forbidding you to talk to any man for any reason…
~ Invading your privacy by reading your emails and texts…going through your purse and other belongings… allowing you no privacy, even in the bathroom…
~ Controlling your money… preventing you from spending anything on yourself… insisting your bank account is joint with his… sabotaging your job and keeping you impoverished and dependent on him…
~ Undermining your self-esteem by telling you that you are old and used up… that no other man would want you… that you are lucky to have him…
Does any of this sound familiar? If so, you could be in grave danger.
Every day 3 women die at the hands of an abusive partner in the USA.
Physical abuse often goes hand in hand with jealousy.
Jealousy is a form of mental abuse that is almost ALWAYS a precursor to physical violence. If jealousy is present in your relationship, it is a red flag that should warn you of worse things to come.

Trust me on this one. I have experience in this area.
But your relationship is different than mine was, right?
I sincerely hope it is, but I’d bet money that it isn’t.
Many people mistake jealousy for an endearing display of affection without realizing it can be a sign of something more sinister. How do you know when jealousy has crossed the line from simple affection to unhealthy obsession?
Can you fix it before it’s too late? 
You may think jealousy is a natural part of being in love, or that jealousy is a man’s way of showing how much he cares. But, what about when jealousy reaches such an extreme that you find yourself constantly under attack, accused of things you haven’t done?
How can you tell if your relationship has reached the danger point? Knowing how to recognize abnormal behavior in your partner can save you from months, even years of mental anguish. It may even save your life.
~ The Jealousy Game follows the cycle of abuse as it develops within a woman’s relationship with a jealous man, starting with subtle little displays of jealousy and culminating in a struggle between life and death.
~ Red Flags: The book provides a list of common symptoms that appear when a relationship has progressed beyond what should be considered normal. If you recognize your own relationship in any of these scenarios, it is a sign that you should consider ending it before you become traumatized, injured or even killed.
This book can be an eye-opening read for young women who are new to dating and a chilling walk down memory lane for those of us who have experienced jealousy first-hand.
Dedicated to all survivors of domestic violence; and especially to the ones who did not survive. 

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Image via Drew Coffman courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons Image via Drew Coffman courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

Today, we’re going to do something a little different. You want to know one thing I love probably more than anything in the world? Spotting great talent and getting to share it. Thus, today I would like to introduce you to one of my followers who snagged my attention over the holidays and I asked her to come and share her wisdom today because I think we can all gain something from her (even me because am always learning BAY-BEE!).

I would like to introduce, Britt Skrabanek!


Indie Author Britt Skrabanek Indie Author Britt Skrabanek

A lot of you may be wondering how I ended up on Kristen’s blog in the first place. She’s pretty big-time, an influencer—she’s worked her tail off to build her brand presence. Many of us look to her for writing tips we can actually use, knowing some esoteric BS like…

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Too many choices! Too many choices!

We’ve had an eventful week or so with my last couple of unplanned posts. In all fairness, I did expect to get some knickers in a twist (which I did) with my post Pay the Writer. As a quick recap, I love used bookstores. They get a lot more of my money than I like to admit *looks up number to 12 Step Sponsor*

You don’t understand. Half Price Books has books ZEN DOODLES. No frigging idea what those are…just that I need some.

I’m not against “discovering” an author there.

But writers? If we promote used bookstores, make sure to remind readers you don’t get paid that way. Discovery must serve a purpose. Exposure must have the follow-up to be effective.

Because if you don’t ever make any money, you have to go work retail. If you work retail, one day you will be asked one too many stupid…

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Vampire Maman

I’ll be blunt.

I write stories. I draw cute little sketches.

I love you. Juliette drew this. I love you.
Juliette drew this.

If you download and read a FREE Horror Anthology (not just my stuff, but a lot of really good stories) and leave a review, I will send you an original sketch drawn just for you with my cold undead hand.

As part of the WPaD (Writers, Poets and Deviants) writing group I am proud of what we do to support MS research and entertain the reading public at the same time.

This month (January 2016) our newest anthology Creepies 2: Things that go Bump Beneath the Bed, is FREE.

Creepies 2 - Best Horror Anthology of 2015 Creepies 2 – Best Horror Anthology of 2015

Yes, FREE.

From the twisted minds of Writers, Poets and Deviants:
Prepare for terror… and a few laughs as well.
– An exterminator meets his match in a family’s attic…
– A cuddly toy with a…

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Original Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Anurag Agnihotri Original Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Anurag Agnihotri

Well, I figure I have one more day to drunkenly torch my platform. Sad thing is I don’t drink. I am apparently this stupid when sober 😛 . Actually I am writing this as a follow up for my rant from the day before yesterday, because knowledge is power.

Writers need this. Your friends and families need this. Readers need this. The more people get how this industry works, the more everyone can start working together for everyone’s benefit.

In my book Rise of the Machines—Human Authors in a Digital World, I go into a LOT more detail and I highly recommend you get a copy if you don’t have one. I spend the first chapters of the book explaining how the various forms of publishing work so you can make an educated decision.

All types of publishing have corresponding…

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Yuletide Wishes

Posted: December 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

A little Christmas story I wrote a couple of years ago. It is featured in WPaD’s holiday anthology, Tinsel Tales.


Yuletide Wishes

By Mandy White

We are in the business of granting wishes.

We come from a realm invisible to your eyes, but you are quite visible to us. From where we sit, we can see it all. It would probably give you the creeps to know someone is watching you and that there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. All the same, a fact is a fact and the fact is, all of you are being watched by all of us all of the time.

To what do you owe this intrusion?

Why, you summoned us, of course – long, long ago. Since that time, our two races have become dependent on one another.

Your wishes hold the key. Wishes from your reality shoot into ours like powerful rockets of desire, where they burst with brilliant explosions of light and color. Some wishes flash bright and clear like the most glorious sunlight while others are muted by greed, malice or uncertainty. We are drawn to your wishes like moths to a flame, seeking out the brightest, clearest wishes to grant.

Ours is a symbiotic relationship of sorts; each party benefits from the transaction. You, the wisher, benefit from having your wish granted, prayer answered or desire fulfilled… whichever way you happen to perceive it. We gain nourishment from the energy that you have poured into the wish. A sincere, passionate wish provides the highest level of energy. After we feed on the energy that is your desire, we return the wish to its sender in tangible form.

Who, or what, are we? You ask. In one way, you might say we are Karma personified because we give back exactly what you put out there. We are, as we said, in the business of granting wishes. We have been called by many names throughout your history but the one you are most likely to find familiar is the Jhinn, or Genie, as we are referred to in some of your children’s fairytales. You wish, we feed, and then we show our gratitude by granting your wish.

Sadly, the number of bright, pure wishes has been dwindling as of late. At times we are forced to feed on some of the lower quality wishes. When this occurs, the result is usually… unfortunate for the wisher. Because of this, our kind has gotten somewhat of an unfavourable reputation. Your folklore depicts us as devious and untrustworthy, but please believe that we mean you no malice. We can only return your wish exactly as it was wished, with no changes made to the formula. It is you who creates the formula.

With the increasing shortage of clean wishes, my race has been forced to take a more proactive approach to finding enough energy to sustain us. We now harvest your wishes to minimize the number of sub-par ones we consume. We only harvest once a year so as not to deplete the supply.

Every December we deploy the troops to your dimension, disguised as humans. Our cheery red and white uniforms beckon to your young, drawing them in droves to our operatives, who are strategically placed in shopping malls and other places children are known to congregate. We prefer the wishes of children to those of adults because the wishes of the innocent tend to be of higher quality. Tirelessly we sit, listening to wish after wish until harvest season is over.

* * *

It seems our quota has been reached, so we bid you farewell. Please enjoy our gratitude in the coming year as we send your granted wishes back to you. If you find that your wish was not granted, then perhaps it was rejected by us for lack of purity. Do not be disappointed; if we rejected your wish, it was in your best interest as well as our own. Do not despair, for you can always try again next year. And… at the risk of sounding cliché… we must remind you: Be careful what you wish for!


Copyright © 2013 Mandy White


One of my favorite Christmas stories, courtesy of The Vampire Maman:

Vampire Maman

The Travelers

A Christmas Tale of Mystery, Love and Hope
from Juliette Kings

The night was falling on the travelers, Daniel and his son Tad and daughter Ada. They had to stop before the dark of night and freezing snowfalls. The father and his children were finally going home, from the broken dreams of gold to the city where Daniel had found a job in his profession of typesetter and reporter. When his wife had passed on he followed his dream to the California gold fields taking his teenage children with him. For good or bad they’d made the new state their home.

As the snow began to fall they came upon a cabin, the door boarded up from the outside, the windows shuttered. It looked deserted and like shelter for the night. Dan and his son pried the nails off of the boards, which secured the door and went…

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I admit I was among the skeptics when I first heard about Amazon’s new system of paying authors according to pages read by Kindle Unlimited members rather than paying them a flat rate for each borrow. I have to say, it has worked for me!

During the summer, my sales typically dwindle, a fact I’ve come to accept and no longer worry about since they always pick back up in Autumn. This past summer, I’ve enjoyed a nice little boost in income thanks to the pages-read bonus from books I have enrolled in Select.

Looks like the sky will remain in place after all, and pigs have not sprouted wings (that we are aware of).

Your mileage may vary, of course, but I have to give the new system a big thumbs-up!

I can already hear the paperbacks-only crowd crowing in triumph, “AHA! See? I told you ebooks were evil!” But like them or not, the cold truth is, ebooks are an indie author’s biggest source of income. Amazon’s latest experiment via Kindle Unlimited is going to pay authors according to pages read rather than by books sold.
Some authors are going to panic when they hear about this one, I’m sure, because humans have a natural tendency to fear change. I’m approaching it with a sort of curious apprehension. As Kristen Lamb points out in this post, this could be the big playing field leveler we have been waiting for. Equal pay for equal work, so to speak. A 180,000 word epic fantasy would no longer earn the same as a 10k novelette, which is the case under the current payment system. A riveting page-turner by an unknown author might finally get the credit it deserves. Meanwhile, the illegible heaps of beetle dung that tend to permeate the ever-growing selection on Amazon’s bookshelf would be more effectively sorted under the new system.
Am I for it? That remains to be seen. If used strictly in the Kindle Unlimited program and Prime lending library, it makes sense. If it were to migrate over into the area of mainstream sales, then I’d feel nervous.

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Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Kenny Louie Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Kenny Louie

We live in a really strange time and technology has altered the publishing landscape into something we could never have imagined in 1999. The changes have been nothing short of science fiction. Well, buckle your seat belts because it is about to happen again. Just about the time we kind of get the knack of things, it seems there is yet another upheaval and we have to adapt.

This is why I wrote my social media branding book Rise of the Machines—Human Authors in a Digital World.  My methods keep us from having to tear down and start over every time something in the tech world goes topsy-turvy and we can maintain brand momentum no matter what. But this time it isn’t social media throwing the curve ball.

It is Amazon.

I’ve worked hard to be balanced in all my opinions…

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